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2015 Books

I'm going to start tracking what books I'm reading/finishing/not finishing here on LJ. I lose details otherwise. This isn't everything for 2015 so far, but just for February.

1. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith: I wasn't expecting the style, to be honest. I wanted to read it out of curiosity more than anything else, and I can't say I really enjoyed it much as the style was so dry, but at least I know what people are talking about now. - C

2. Adopted Son by Dominic Peloso: DNF. Sci-fi about women giving birth to babies that look like aliens. The reviews on this were very positive, but I gave up after the first chapter. It's riddled with grammatical errors, and I couldn't get past it. It wasn't just typos. Subject-verb agreement, slipping verb tenses, the list goes on. I have too many books to get through to put up with an author who can't master the basic tools of his trade.

3. Lux: Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout: This was the final book in a five-book YA series that was pitched as aliens in high school. YA isn't my thing most of the time, but people I trusted loved this series so I gave it a try. I wish I hadn't. I finished the first book hating the douche of a hero, but by that point I had to see it through. I needed the closure on how it was going to end. At the time, I thought there were only four books, but when I got to the end of the fourth and it ended on a cliffhanger, I ranted for weeks. I was so pissed. I put off reading this last one because of that. I can't say that I enjoyed it much - the hero is still a douche and the heroine a Mary Sue - but at least it's done. - D+

4. Things We Didn't Say by Kristina Riggle: Contemporary novel about a dysfunctional family who doesn't know how to communicate with each other but then are forced to when the 14 y/o son goes missing. This was a quick, compelling read, but it left me sick to my stomach about how real it felt at times. Also, the ending was a copout. - B-

5. Four by Veronica Roth: I'm not a fan of the Divergent books, because I couldn't stand Tris or the way it all ended, but the completist in me really wanted to read Four's stories. They're not groundbreaking, though I think I enjoyed them more than I otherwise would have since it's been a year since I read the series. - C
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