Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My crazy week

I need to play catch-up because it's been an insane week.

1. Alicia turned 15 on Tuesday, but we celebrated on Monday night because her schedule is crazy. 15, folks. I have no idea when that happened.

2. We *finally* got her physical form back from the doctor on Tuesday so yesterday was the first day she could actually do anything at the softball tryouts. Odds are looking very good for her making the freshman team, but we'll keep from expecting much for a while since--and I can't believe this--tryouts go on until MARCH 8. Seriously. There is almost a whole month of tryouts, four days a week after school. Who does that?!?

3. We went into the city last night and saw Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Orpheum. It was a three-hour lecture on cosmic perspective, and holy crap, so inspirational. There's a reason this guy has become a mouthpiece for science. If I'd had a science teacher like him in high school, I might actually have stuck to my original career plans. See, I didn't always intend on going into something creative. I loved theater and writing and had huge dreams about that, but the fact of the matter is, I was a brain in school. Besides being the top English student (I got the teacher's award all four years), I was the top math student in my class and ranked 24th in the state of Michigan for my age. My original goal was to become a surgeon, but knowing what I do about myself now, I would bet that wouldn't have stuck. I wouldn't have been able to cut off emotionally enough to be a doctor. So I probably would have gone into biological research instead. The reason I didn't ultimately go down this path? Both my mother and my favorite teacher (he taught geometry) told me to follow my heart. Pick a career that would make me happy instead of what I thought others wanted me to do. So I chose a theater degree (which later shifted into film because--haha--it was more practical).

If I'd had an inspirational teacher like Neil Tyson, though? I would've been excited about science enough to let go of the whimsical impracticality of my first love.

He inspired me so much, he even got me wondering if I want do it now. I'm only 45. I'm still young enough to get another degree and change my life course.

Food for thought.
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