Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Whiny post ahead

I'm blue. It's just been one of those days. Nothing is bad or wrong, except for the fact that I'm feeling defeated. Like...

1. Oscar noms came out this morning. This is totally my time of year, right? Until I stare reality in the face and realize I have seen only ONE of the movies in any of the acting/best picture/directing categories.
2. I lost an hour of my most productive writing time this morning collating blog stats in response to a private question I ignored in December. The person asked me in a public forum today, which meant I couldn't pretend I didn't see it (and didn't want to do it).
3. My hips hurt. Did I mention there's osteoarthritis in the right hip now, too? It had only just started to bother me a couple months before we started working out again. On one hand, this is the first day they've hurt in a week, which is excellent for me. On the other, it means I really can't pass on weight machines because that's been the only difference. I haven't been able to get on them since Saturday night, and I'm pretty sure that's the biggest contributing factor to the pain.
4. I have all this fic I want to write and no time to do it.
5. Not to mention all the other things I want to do (like the sewing projects, or any of my crafts stuff) because of life stuff and writing stuff getting in the way.
6. Our oldest cat has been on thyroid medicine for the past two months as we try to figure out what his dose should be. We took him in yesterday to check his levels, expecting them to be great because he's back to his old self and still gaining weight, only to discover today that no, they're not, they're actually worse than when we started two months ago for some inexplicable reason. We're upping the dosage again in hopes that we won't have to start looking at other reasons (like a tumor), and I know it's not my fault but I just feel like I've failed poor Bruiser in some way.

I am whiny, whiny, whiny.

Okay, here's something positive. I absolutely love Agent Carter.
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