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Sometimes, when you have a lot of balls in the air, one gets dropped. I had a big one last night/today that I still feel guilty for.

Alicia has band. She has two of them, concert and jazz, with the same teacher for both. At the beginning of the year, he sent out a schedule for parents to let him know about conflicts for their yearly events. You skip stuff, your grade goes down, and he doesn't like last minute cancellations without very extenuating circumstances.

Thanksgiving week, he sent out a revised schedule. It came in a flurry of four other emails from him, the day before our guests arrived, and I didn't look at it because I was so crazed. Then I forgot about it. Yesterday, Alicia went back to school and saw that they had a playathon that lasted for 12 hours on the same day we have tickets to see "Blithe Spirit" in San Francisco.

Cue my guilty panicking.

I emailed him and took all the blame, along with a screenshot of the email confirmation that shows I purchased the tickets a full six weeks before he changed the schedule on us. I then had to sit and wait all day to see if my begging would sway him into giving Alicia a way to make up for it, since it was completely my fault he wasn't told sooner (his original date to get excused was December 5). As it turns out, he told Alicia that if she can come for part of the day, he'll count it. She can go for the first three hours so that's good, and Alicia was already planning on doing extra credit to get the cushion she likes anyway, but I still feel awful about missing this. (Alicia's not satisfied until she's gone above and beyond as much as possible. Her first semester report card was 6 A+'s and 2 As, and the A's piss her off because one of those is over 100% but the teacher doesn't believe in A+.)

Her schedule is insane. And I didn't help matters by booking so many shows for us in the next few months. But man, keeping it all straight is hard sometimes.
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