Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

December Talking Meme - December 17

Topic per teragramm:Talk about 3 things (items) not my kids, husband, family or home, that make me smile/laugh when I see them.

All those exclusions makes this hard. My choices are going to be fairly superficial.

1. Puppet Angel. I giggle hysterically throughout "Smile Time," but Puppet Angel is my absolute favorite. From his fight with Spike, to his fight with the remote ("Stupid plastic piece of crap!" is a phrase I use at least once a week), to Lorne's carrying him down the hallway ("Is there a Geppetto in the house?"), I just love him to pieces. I actually own two versions of the doll, that's how much I love him.

2. Disney's "Robin Hood." This is hands down my favorite animated Disney movie. Yes, it's not as sharp as other movies. It doesn't get the same kind of love. But it always makes me smile, and I still laugh at loud at more than a few lines. It's impossible not to get engaged with Roger Miller's songs. I love it to pieces.

3. Grammar/spelling jokes. I'm a grammar/spelling nerd. Unabashedly so. I have this sweatshirt...

...and giggle every time I wear it. Lists like this can brighten my whole week. And I have been known to specifically choose routes that will take me past signs that *always* have typos/mistakes, just so I can laugh hysterically at how wrong they are.
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