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December Talking Meme - December 11

Topic per manoah: How do I feel about yoga. Before I took a class, after I took a class. How 'bout meditation? Have I tried it, do I like it?

I have a confession. I haven't been to yoga in months. I had issues with my hip, and then when my hip started feeling better, my knee started really bothering me. I've been sleeping in a knee brace for a month now, and doing a lot of leg exercises to try and strengthen them, and for the first time in quite a while, I'm starting to feel like I can go back again.

That being said...I love yoga. I am double-jointed, so getting into the positions has never been a problem. Strength is where I struggle. I started late, however, because I'm intimidated by unfamiliar class settings. I broke down and took a gentle yoga class first, which was AMAZING. The instructor was patient and real, the moves were uber easy so I didn't feel like I would be wasting my time, and I ended the class more relaxed and at peace than I had in a long time. Plus, I felt *strong*, which frankly, doesn't happen a lot for me.

That was the only class I took for a while, because my gym didn't actually offer anything between gentle yoga and their yin yang class for people who were already comfortable with all the positions. When they finally added a beginner's class, I jumped all over it. The instructor was just as wonderful as the other one, in new ways, and while the class itself was actually something of a challenge for me, I wasn't overwhelmed. I ended it sore and sweaty, but not exhausted. So I went back.

Everything got derailed when my schedule went nuts and I couldn't go for a couple weeks. Then the pain got worse, I am. But honestly, that's going to change, if not before Christmas then definitely in the new year. I've had a solo membership for a couple years, but we are going to switch it over to a family membership next week. Alex was given some recent medical advice that included strengthening his abdominal muscles. He really wanted to try weight training for that, and since our gym has a minimum age of 13 to use the equipment and he turns 13 on Sunday, that explains our timing. Our plans are to spend a lot more time over there, so I won't have any more excuses. Plus, I think I'm back in that place.

As for meditation...other than what is done in yoga, I haven't tried it. I think I'd like it if I did, but when I think about sitting there and getting nothing accomplished, I start to hyperventilate about all the work I'm not getting done. Maybe if my life slows down. Haha, I actually typed that with a straight face, too. :)
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