Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sewing question

It has been a long, exhausting day. The kids had a piano recital this morning, then Craig and I braved Costco. On a Saturday afternoon. Absolutely crazy. We were home for less than an hour before we ran out again to go to the AT&T store about upgrading my phone and getting Alicia a smartphone. That had an hour wait as well, so we ran and did the grocery shopping I'd planned on doing tomorrow morning instead. My hips are killing me. What sucks even more is that I think my right one is starting to develop arthritis, too. It feels like the left did in the beginning, going out every once in a while, though I've been doing more leg exercises to strengthen the muscles so maybe it's just a response to that.

Anyhoo. I actually came onto LJ to do more than complain about how tired I am. A couple weeks ago, we rearranged our media room upstairs. The table we'd been using for games and puzzles got replaced by the old dining room table, and that smaller one got put in the corner. It's ideal for crafts. For a few months now, I've been thinking about unpacking my sewing machine. There's just a few things holding me back.

1. The machine has been packed since I moved to the UK. In 1999. I never unpacked it when we were there because I didn't want to be fussed about the power converter. That thing was a brick, expensive, and the ones we had got used for other more important appliances. There's every chance it won't work. (I do have another machine I inherited from a British friend who moved back to Wales a few years ago. If mine doesn't work, hers most likely will.)
2. I haven't sewn anything since before we went to the UK. Almost 20 years.
3. My skills were always rudimentary at best. I learned a little from my grandmother when I did 4H as a kid, then gave it up for over a decade, but only went back to it in a very basic away again before we moved.

I got to thinking about it more yesterday when I saw the Joanns ad. The local store had a sale on classes today. I looked around and we don't really have anything offered but those. Hell, when I was looking for a local seamstress to do some tailoring for me a few months ago, I got zero responses.

So my question is to those of you out there that sew. I know there's a few of you. :)

Do you think it's possible to learn without taking classes? Just doing a rudimentary search on Youtube brought up a slew of people with how to videos that run the gamut of very basics to projects. I'll need a refresher for the basics for sure, but I really want to move beyond that and get into making clothes.
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