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Because I've spent the morning tabulating scores for LLGA, I find myself in a fanfic kind of mood, and I started thinking about stories that definitely rank among my favorites. So, I'm listing 10 of them here just for the sheer hell of it. These are in no particular order, and the list is hardly complete (I've deliberately excluded any story that might be nominated at LLGA this round, for instance). Plus, I mostly read B/S, so that's all that's on the list currently. But I'm bored, and I fancy doing this, so...

1. descant descending by macha - Sheer brilliance in form and tone. Totally blows me away each and every single time.
2. Buffy Season Noir by Anna S. - I just love everything about this. Everyone is reading this, right?
3. Baby Steps by Kallysten - My feel good fic. She proves babyfic can work.
4. That Thing with Feathers by Fallowdoe - A short story that breaks my heart each and every single time I read it. Because I can see Spike doing this, and I can see him being so torn about it.
5. Old Blood by Nan Dibble - I'll admit it, this one is my favorite of her series. Plot and solid characterization, two of my needs in fanfic.
6. Emulating Atlas by Tanith - Another weepie. At least it's short. I don't know if I could've taken this being longer.
7. The Seventh Slayer by Kantayra - One of the first fics I read. Kantayra proved to me that fanfic could be plotty, and I totally credit this fic for kicking me in the butt and writing my own.
8. Waiting for Eternity by Moxie - I'll admit it, I sobbed like a baby at the end of this one. Just lovely.
9. Ten Thousand by Wisteria - I love Wisteria anyway, but this is my favorite of hers. Spike's potential travels after getting the soul. Gorgeous prose that just sucked me in.
10. Chain by Irfikos - I love the voices in this one. It's dark and gritty which isn't normally my thing, but the voices ring so true for me that I don't care.

Like I said, no order and hardly complete. I specifically limited myself to only one fic per author, and discounted anybody currently nominated at LLGA (and just off the top of my head, there's at least 1 there that should be on this list). These are all stories I go back to time and time again (3 of my favorite weepies are up there), and while I know there's a ton more out there I've read and enjoyed, these are the ones that first sprang to mind.

Well, that killed half an hour. I should probably clear out the office now, huh? :)

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