Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Call the Midwife

Netflix suggested Call the Midwife to me last weekend, and I caved and watched the first episode. I then stopped and ran to Craig to tell him, "You have to watch this show. You are going to love it."

So Friday night, he sat down with me to try it out. One episode became three. Saturday night, we watched four. Yesterday, we watched another two. We only stopped because he had to pack for the business trip he's on today and tomorrow.

We're both in love.

I know we're late, since there are three seasons already, but better late than never, right? Craig tends to be a sucker for period BBC drama (he LOVES Downton Abbey), especially when they have such real characters in them. We are both in love with Chummy, and he keeps complaining he needs more Sister Monica Joan. The detail is stunning, too. I've had to have Craig explain a couple terms to me, so that helps fill in a couple of the gaps, but otherwise, I'm utterly enthralled by the drama of these people. I'm actually going to see if anyone requested it for yuletide just so I can write a treat for it.
Tags: television
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