Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A couple of favors

We've had a ton of family health issues come up on Craig's side the past couple weeks so all good thoughts are appreciated.

First, Craig's aunt was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer and they've been doing the treatments in hopes that it will give her a little bit more time. Craig's dad isn't coming for Christmas because it's his brother's wife who is sick and since her original prognosis only gave her until the end of the year, he wanted to be there for them.

Then, another aunt had knee surgery a month ago, but getting around on the crutches apparently tore open her hysterectomy scars from a couple years ago and she ended up in critical condition at the hospital as it all burst open in her abdomen. She ended up needing a colostomy but there's been infection issues that have kept her hospitalized. On top of that, his cousin (the 2nd aunt's son) had a pacemaker put in this past week. He's only 48 so that freaks me out a little bit.

I'd like you do do me another favor, as well. Hug a loved one today and tell them how you feel. Life's too short.
Tags: life

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