Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I don't think it's really Monday

I still have fic to write. They might end up being stocking stuffers at this rate. And I haven't yet taken the time to sit down and read because that means doing something for fun instead of responsibility.

The kids have a four-day weekend because of Veterans Day. The school system scheduled Monday as a teacher inservice day rather than have the kids come back for a day, then get a day off. I'm taking advantage of them being home. Our oldest cat has an appointment at 8:20 this morning so they get to help me wrangle him. Craig and Alicia are concerned something is wrong because of how thin he is and how much slower he's gotten in the past few weeks, so I made the appointment to see if something's wrong or it's just old age. I'm leaning toward the later honestly. He eats great still, he doesn't get sick, and he's always been a skinny cat. Plus, he's almost 12 years old. I think he's mostly slowing down, but we're getting him checked out to be sure. I'm going to feel like crap if something is seriously wrong.

Then tomorrow I'm getting the carpets cleaned so they're nice for our guests at Thanksgiving. Alicia will be gone in the morning because of the Veterans Day parade, but lucky Alex gets to help move everything around in anticipation of it.

Only new recipe to be tested was a spinach salad with bacon and roasted mushrooms by Rick Bayless. For the record, for a simple spinach salad, it was pretty amazing.
Tags: life, recipes

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