Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Holiday test runs begin

I am behind on LJ/fic stuff. I had edits I had to get to, election day sucked a lot of time, and I'm doing test runs on holiday recipes. So far, the two I've tried - a triple ginger pound cake and the Pioneer Woman's pumpkin cinnamon rolls - aren't so much failures as they are not worth trying again. The pound cake was a tad too dry for our tastes, and since it can't unseat our two favorite bundt cakes (an apple one and a rum one), it's not worth repeating. This was my first time trying the PW's cinnamon rolls in any incarnation, and I have to say, I'm not impressed. They're too dense for my family's tastes, and everyone in my family screwed up their faces in distaste when they tried the cream cheese frosting on the pumpkin ones. I added vanilla to make it palatable, and everybody's eating them, but seriously, if a recipe doesn't make at least half of us go, "Oh, my God, give me more NOW!" it doesn't get made again.

I've got to work on original stuff today since I'm behind on my goals for that, too, in order to make my deadline, so fingers crossed I'll get back to fic stuff this weekend. That includes reading/commenting what was given to me and commenting on those left on mine. I haven't forgotten you, honest! And I'm appreciative! I'm just too flippin' busy, lol.

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