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I still have three trick or treat drabbles to post, but this weekend ran away with me so those are going to happen when I have windows this week. Hopefully.

Can I say how glad I am Halloween is over? It's probably at the bottom of my list of favorite holidays, unless I get to be the one to walk around with the kids but that didn't happen this year. But seriously, passing out candy combines three things I absolutely LOATHE and often give me anxiety attacks - opening the door to strangers, talking to strangers, and having strangers talk to me with expectations.

This is why I'm a hermit so much, lol.

Plus, some kids are just awful. One little girl, probably 7 or 8, dug around in my cauldron looking for a Kit Kat. When I told her I didn't have them this year, she practically had a tantrum on my porch. Her bigger sister had to haul her off.

But my kids had fun. Alicia is still trick-or-treating because she goes around with her BFF and the littler kids. This year, she was Baby Dancing Groot (complete with massive flowerpot that she wore and the Jackson 5 song playing along) and Alex was some character from Minecraft. No pics, unfortunately. Alicia got hers taken with some littler kids who begged her for a pic with them, but those were with other parents. I only discovered it after the fact.
Tags: alex, alicia, halloween

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