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Old dogs, old tricks

And here I thought I'd grown up over the years.

I was the worst procrastinator in school. Inevitably, I always put studying and homework off to the last minute (though I only ever pulled one all-nighter, and then fell asleep in the damn class I stayed up all night for because the damn prof showed a movie). It never really affected me too aversely, though. I work better under pressure (isn't that every procrastinator's assertion?) and my work/grades never suffered for it.

THings changed when I entered the workplace, though. I became more diligent about deadlines because of the whole "they're paying me to do this" mentality. And I put a lot of those changes into place in my home life. Some of it started slipping when I became a mom, because your priorities change and what was so important to get done before now doesn't seem so much, but still, I thought I was doing better.

Until I started this writing job. I've spent today working/researching my current assignment (5 rather lengthy pieces on various educational issues), and I have 3 done, and the 4th halfway done. Guess when they're due?


And I've had them since last Friday.

I suck.

And in more than the usual way.

If I wasn't getting paid for this, and if this wasn't going to help with the green card issue, I'd bag the whole thing. It's pulling me away from my fun writing, damn it. I'm itching to work on Legions, and my screenplay, and I have to outline the fic I'm writing for the wonderful person responsible for my MR ticket (thank god that one's only about 4-5 chapters, although it's hankering to turn into something longer, damn it). But I can't. Because I have to be a grown-up.

And, of course, I should be working on my assignment instead of being on LJ. Oh, look. More procrastination. :)

OK, I'll go, I'll go. Stupid research on FIDER and NBKA...

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