Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Gotham and Blacklist

Minor TV thoughts:

I agreed with enigmaticblues in her post about it last night, but I don't get the Gotham love. I love grim/dark/noir so it's not that. It's that the tone is uneven, the actors aren't playing to the same styles (Pinkett-Smith is eating every piece of scenery she can find, while the guy who plays Gordon feels like he's phoning it in), and the pandering male gaze and poor writing for women is really creeping me out. Plus, knowing that everything Jim Gordon does is ultimately pointless leaves me wondering what the whole point really is. And not in a good way.

On the plus side, the guy who is playing the Penguin is really good. He creeps me out in ways I've never been creeped out by that character before.

After last night's episode, I'm firmly in the camp that Lizzie has Tom locked up, just like she said in her pseudo-interview with the crazy shrink. Though I still have no idea what her connection to Red is. And what her DNA results had to show for it that she felt the need to hide them. He's emphatically denied being her father, so whose kid is she?
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