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Revelations from date night

I love date night. Especially when we get to have a real date. :) Tonight consisted of dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, and my favorite meal, and my favorite guy.

Certain things I learned tonight:

1. Not all babies are cute. And having a toddler in an adult restaurant as the only child in a group at 10pm? Parents need a talking to.

2. Apparently some restaurants think it's important to try and teach you Italian while you're in the bathroom.

3. Pina coladas rock.

4. Marinara sauce is not the smartest choice when you've burned the roof of your mouth.

5. I sing *much* louder and more energetically with 2 drinks in me.

6. My new push-up bra works. In a huge way. Even on cute young restaurant hosts. :)

What a good night. I definitely need more of these. :)

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