Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Busy weekend

It might be Friday, but it's not time to relax. I've had a rough week, pain-wise. Tuesday, I did something to my right knee, which means both legs have been randomly giving out on me all week and lots of pain. I thought it was better yesterday after sleeping in a knee brace two nights in a row and taking it easy, but then it crumpled again when I was coming downstairs. So sick and tired of it. I've been aggressive about eating lighter to compensate for the lack of movement, but I want to be lighter so the issues go away. That's going to take time. I just have to be patient.

To add to the being busy levels, this is homecoming weekend. Which means the parade after school today, the game tonight, and the dance tomorrow night. BUT on top of that, Alicia has a softball tournament this weekend. So she's going to be marching tonight, getting up and playing three softball games tomorrow, then coming home to get ready for the dance. There will be more softball on Sunday, but wait, that's not all. Our guitar teacher scheduled a recital for Sunday afternoon. Odds are we won't make it, but it's still hanging like the sword of Damocles over everything.

Alicia is the one who will be dead by Sunday night. I just get to lose any time I might need to do things like laundry or work or grocery shopping. Wish me luck.

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