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OK, look at me try and be all optimistic about this morning's development:

1. I can still go see JM in London in May. Even if everything goes completely smooth from this point out, the very earliest that Craig and us can go out to the US is April 21st. The very earliest. If nothing goes wrong. Which in this process by this point, isn't likely. So, Craig said this morning that if it looks like we can leave in April, he'll deliberately stall it so that I don't have to be out there until after the JM audience, even if it means he goes out a little ahead of time to come back later to help with the kids. In light of my attendance at Moonlight Rising, I was going to sell my tickets, but now I only have to sell Craig's.

2. The in-laws get more time with the kids, and a little more time to adjust.

3. This gives us more time to settle issues such as the cars and the extraneous belongings we can't take with us. We'd been worrying about running out of time to get it sorted.

4. I get to enjoy more of the English spring. It's been lovely here the past few day, and this is one of my favorite times of the year here.

5. I can buy BtVS S7 on DVD when it comes out the beginning of April without thinking I should be waiting until I get to the US (though I know you guys are behind the UK in releases).

Anything anyone else can come up with to help me see the good in this situation, please feel free to contribute. :)

On a happier note, my copy of the new GotR single arrived today. Just another reminder of how talented I think Steve Sellers really is.

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