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I couldn't get on at all yesterday, so I was a little surprised to see people were able to post. Nothing I could do would change the status, not a different browser or machine. Frustrating.

Not that my life is all that thrilling, lol. I'm buried in work, trying to not think too hard about sickening the real world can be (and failing miserably at that, I was a royal bitch most of yesterday after hearing about the latest beheading because I was so furious and frustrated), and stress eating (and then feeling guilty about it). On the plus side, I was able to turn a set of edits around in 24 hours so that's off my plate as of last night.

So random tidbits:

1. I cried at Outlander on Saturday. And Graham McTavish is amazing.
2. My kids are sick of eggplant lasagna, lol. My garden created huge gorgeous ones this year, and it's the only food with them we all agree on. I promised no more until next summer once I finish this crop.
3. I missed most of the summer movies which makes me sad.
4. I recorded a Mork & Mindy marathon from the weekend, a tribute to Robin Williams, and have been watching them sporadically throughout the week. I haven't seen the show since it first aired and I knew it hadn't been that great, but I've surprised myself at how I've managed to genuinely laugh at quite a few of the bits. But then I get sad again, because...Robin Williams. :(

It sounds like I've been mostly sad lately, lol. That's not true. Just too busy to seek out happy entertainment.

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