Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Writing coma

So Monday morning, when I was about to start another short story that's coming up due very quickly, I got an email asking about the status of a different story. From a collection I thought I got bumped from, so it wasn't done.

Needless to say, I panicked. I didn't have time to do this and still make my other deadline. But it turns out, she was right and I was wrong, and this other story absolutely had to be finished ASAP. I had 33k and I still had to write the climax, so I spent Monday re-reading. Last night, I finished it at 41k, which I'm quite pleased about. It still needs another pass this morning, but I can get it in to her before the weekend, write the short story I promised kallysten, then hopefully on Monday start the other short story I got a stay of execution of a couple weeks on because others are late, too.

Then I don't have another deadline until December 1. I might be able to breathe again. At least for a little while. :P
Tags: writing

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