Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The Monday grind

The weekend was quiet, though fun and productive. Craig is nearing the deadline on his big project at work, which unfortunately means a lot of extra hours. He put in twenty hours this weekend alone. When that happens, our job as a family is not to bug him and give him all the allowances he needs to stay sane. That means the kids play Minecraft with him when he takes breaks, and I don't bug him too much with pointless interruptions. It ends up boiling down to everybody in their own corners, doing their own thing, lol. I ended up writing 3k on a short story yesterday and another 1k on the second chapter of that A/M Craigslist story I wrote for camelot_drabble last week. Yes, I decided to continue it. I hope that doesn't end up being something I regret.

One thing I need to remember, though, is that I absolutely can't work laying down on my stomach. Last night, I went to bed early and laid on the bed with my laptop for nearly three hours just messing around since I'd been so productive during the day. Today, my hip is killing me, and my sleep was pretty tortured because of the pain. That position puts my hip in absolutely the wrong angle, and I'm going to be paying for it all day.

Jazz band starts this week. Alex made it, playing piano, which means getting him to school at 7:15 twice a week. To add to my scheduling fun, Alicia's softball practices changed to only 2x a week because the girls have so many activities and now she won't miss any. However, she's also decided to try out for the fall play. Even if she doesn't make the cast, she wants to be on crew. I swear, if she has a spare minute, she will fill it, lol.

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