Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Proofing rants

Someone please tell me today is going to get better. I woke up crampy and cranky, but that's already times a thousand because idiots are pissing me off. I got notification over the weekend that the pre-order page for a title had gone up, so I checked it out, and lo and behold, the author name is misspelled. I mean, come on. She even misspelled it in the email to us, and it's right there on the flippin' cover. Then, on another site (totally unrelated and nothing to do with writing), I found two descriptions on items that had gone up overnight that had absolutely nothing to do with the item they were describing.

Before 7am. Before my first cup of coffee or any ibuprofen.

SERIOUSLY. If your job is in marketing or anything remotely presenting material to the public in order to SELL it, the ability to proof accurately should be a basic requirement. I am so sick and tired of seeing mistakes all over the place, by people who should know better. My kids say I should let it go, that some people just aren't good at spelling. Which is fine, except this isn't so much spelling as it is attention to detail.

So...I'm a little ranty. Nobody else better piss me off today. I'm likely to bite their head off.

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