Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A day of rest

Yesterday was great. Traffic wasn't fun, as we expected, so we parked near Moscone and then got a taxi to the restaurant on the pier. Lunch was wonderful - calamari and fondue for starters, then I had crab alfredo fettuccine and chocolate truffle mousse cake ala mode - and when we left we still had an hour to get back to the theater. We figured it was plenty of time.

Wrong, lol.

We couldn't find a cab if our lives depended on it. We finally got lucky when we happened to be standing near a bus stop that went very near where the theater was and hopped on with twenty minutes to go. Fourteen minutes later, we got off two blocks away from the theater, then ran for it, because I still had to pick up the tickets at the box office. We got seated with less than two minutes to spare.

I have NEVER cut it that close for any live performance ever. Alicia and I were nearly having panic attacks.

The show itself was very good. Everyone had solid voices, but there were a few characterization choices I thought were odd. Like Cinderella was portrayed as frigid. She physically turns away from Charming's affections twice before she finds out he's sleeping around. It doesn't condone his behavior, but honestly, it certainly makes him more sympathetic and her less so. For me, anyway. I liked that they had both princes playing a pair of wolves after Red. That makes a lot of sense, lol. And there was more, but then that turns into a full-blown review and I'm still tired from all the running around yesterday. ;)

Which means today is about being a homebody and doing laundry. And an early night with my phone downstairs (I got a text at 7:15 from my niece that woke me up before I wanted to).

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