Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Oops, I forgot Tuesday

Oops, I forgot to post yesterday, but my life is just so exhilarating (not) that I forgot. Today will be another busy one. Piano lessons, dentist appointment, marching band meeting for parents tonight. Yay.

Alicia got an assignment in her engineering class that required her to make dinner following the nine process steps they were being taught. Craig is convinced it's the teacher trying to score points with the parents, lol. I told her on Monday she could do a chicken stir fry because it would be really easy since she wasn't allowed to have any help. I even got her pre-cut vegetables and told her to use oyster sauce rather than make her own. When it came time yesterday, she balked. The problem with stir fry is there is no written recipe, and I think she just wasn't in the mood. She deliberately took out a frying pan to use that I specifically told her would be too small and insisted it would all fit in it. We argued about it for twenty-five minutes. No exaggeration. It got to the point where I grabbed a notebook and wrote out the steps for the stir fry (which she already knew how to do frankly, she made versions of it while I was stuck in bed after my foot surgery), just because I didn't want her to have one more thing to bitch about. It turned out well, but I do not want to go through that again. She's such a good kid most of the time, but her one teenager trait that's been prominent since she turned twelve is her oppositional nature, where she will stubbornly cling to what she thinks is right even if the truth is staring her in the face. She does it to test her independence (and in all honesty, I can be stubborn in that regard too, so I know where she gets it from) but it's so incredibly frustrating when she plants her foot at the wrong time and pisses me off.

After dinner, she relaxed some, and I mended fences a little by taking her out to look at local shops for dresses for the vow renewal. For the record, I am incredibly annoyed that the options I have for off-the-rack are so matronly or black. I literally found one dress that might be doable, a berry-colored skater dress in an eyelet fabric, but while it's nice, I'm not thrilled about it. Why are clothing designers so afraid of color?

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