Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

What is with these teachers?

The dryness of our weather has really got to me. I woke up this morning to a nosebleed, which was not fun at all. I'm totally setting the humidifier up in the living room this morning to get some moisture in the air.

Alex's back to school night was last night, where we go around on his schedule and get intros from all the teachers. I have mixed feelings about his teachers, to be honest. The attitude toward homework being mostly unnecessary and instead an extension of what doesn't get finished in class baffles me. I'll be the first to admit I hate wrangling with Alex about homework, but I really do think it's an excellent tool to help kids develop responsibility and independence, as well as promoting a strong work ethic. One shouldn't be expected to only work their hardest when someone else is watching, i.e. in school. The ability to push yourself when nobody is paying attention is a valuable skill to have once you're in the workplace. One teacher actually prided herself that it was possible to get a 70% in her class without ever taking a single test. I mean...huh? Seriously? Oy.

Is this just my internal overachiever getting upset? Craig didn't seem to have the same problem I did, though he was also laughing at me for getting annoyed at seeing typos on a couple teachers' projections.
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