Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,


Well, today didn't go as planned. Spent the morning sorting through stacks and stacks of books, and going through the office to figure out what was going and what was staying. I'm a book addict, but we were ruthless. Craig's got whole fantasy series that he's had since he was a kid, that he managed to cut into less than half, and I cleared out a large number of my own collections (including my entire Lumley series, ouch). Then, this afternoon which was supposed to be me time, I fell asleep and lost 3 more hours. The past couple days have been incredibly draining; I fell asleep last night 2 hours early as well.

So, only within the last hour have I been able to really have me time. Read the last of the LLGA nominees, so now I'm completely caught up there (and really, really, really hoping that nothing more gets nominated in the next 2 days). And I might actually get some writing done tonight. Go me. :)

I'm trying to convince Craig to let me have 2 Mother's Days this year. See, here in the UK, Mother's Day is in March (the 21st this year), but in the US, it's in May (when we'll be there). So technically, I'll be in the appropriate country on the appopriate day. Plus, I've got 2 kids, so shouldn't that mean I get 2 Mother's Days, too? :)

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