Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I am currently sitting in the cafe at the go-carts/mini-golf amusement park, wishing I had the motivation to write. I've got it all set up, and I'm here for the next ninety minutes on my own, so it should be perfect, right? All I'm lacking is the desire. Which sucks.

Our plans for the past couple days ended up switching when BFFs weren't available and another child got sick. We ended up with impromptu sleepovers last night, and our plans for yesterday this morning instead. The girls are disappointed we're not hitting the outlets before school starts on Tuesday, but there's nothing to be done about that. I'm going to take them out for a little bit of shopping after lunch today in hopes of making it up to them but it really won't be the same. BFF wants it to be the four of us without her 3 y/o little sister, but little sis is the one who's sick, so her mom can't come. Which is a shame.

On the plus side, I went over to a friend's while Craig stayed home with the kids last night. I made her watch This Means War with me, which is one of my guilty pleasures. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love that movie. The original ending still pisses me off, but I live in my little fantasy world with the ending I prefer. And now I'm going to make her watch Warrior because she spent the whole movie saying how lovely Tom Hardy is, and he's absolutely phenomenal in Warrior. Have I mentioned how excited I am about that Krays movie he's doing? Sooooooooo excited. I do loves me some Tom.
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