Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My weekend

Man, that was a long weekend. I drove Alicia up to Sacramento for her softball tournament on Friday night and we turned it into a little bit of a girls' weekend out. She played three games on Saturday (doing great), then after she showered at the hotel, hit the mall. She bought a Dalek beanie and Dr. Who socks, but it was our discovery of Harry Potter butterscotch beer at the candy specialty store that did us in. We bought eight bottles of it to bring home, to recreate the frozen butter beers we had in Orlando last fall. Yummy. Then it was Sonic and back to the hotel.

Sunday was playoffs, and the girls played hard. They won their first game in nearly an hour of overtime, then the second went into overtime as well. They ended up losing that one, but later it was found out that they should've won because a call was made incorrectly that allowed two runs by the other team instead of counting those girls as out. The coaches were pissed to say the least.

We headed home so that we could go out for my birthday dinner last night. We did my gifts, too, which I'm excited about. I got a dehydrator I'd been longing for, a Sons of Anarchy throw with Jax on it to cuddle up with, and a new triple slow cooker/buffet server for holidays. One of the best birthdays ever, frankly. My kids even let me take pictures with them before going out:


Life is pretty damn good, you know? :)
Tags: alex, alicia, birthday, family

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