Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

TV and the weekend

My plans over the next few days just got changed. Craig is in the middle of a huge project for work, which is due in September. He's working A LOT. He needs more time than he has. The problem with that is 1) we have to pick Alicia up from Santa Cruz tomorrow, and b) Alicia has a tournament in Sacramento this weekend. Both are time sucks. So we've decided to split it up. Craig will do the drive back and forth tomorrow and only lose one day, and I'll take the tournament. That means when Alicia gets home tomorrow evening, she has to repack for the weekend, and I'll drive us to Sacramento for the weekend. Just the two of us so Craig can stay home and work, and we'll be staying in a hotel because they have to typically be there at 7am-ish, which would require us leaving the house before 5. That makes for a very long day, since they play three games on Saturday.

I'm actually okay with "Night Shift" getting renewed. I watched the whole thing and liked it for the most part, and since I haven't watched a medical show in a while (never did do the ER or Grey's Anatomy thing), I don't mind having it on the rotation.

My thoughts are still split on "Dominion." ASH's American accent still annoys me to no end, and I don't particularly care for the human lead, but the possibilities of the story intrigue me to keep watching.

And "24"!!!! I can't believe it's done already. Craig and I agree we would totally watch a reboot with Kate, the blonde CSI Jack teamed up with. I'm sure it won't happen, but a girl could dream.
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