Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The day after

The weather finally broke, I think. It's overcast and threatening to rain, and the winds are cooler than the godawful temperatures we've been having. Thank god.

Yesterday was very quiet. We decided to do my birthday dinner when Alicia gets back next week, though I did get one of my presents (the new wallet I begged for), I got plenty of birthday wishes, and my friend Lisa stopped by and gave me my gift. I'm totally in love with it. She got me one of those purses made out of recycled hardcover books. This one is Cinderella in a gorgeous illustration, and it's wonderful. I've been so close to buying one for myself for ages, and now I have one, woo hoo!

I'm forcing myself to do stuff and break out of my routine in hopes of getting through my recent ennui. Fingers crossed it works.
Tags: life

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