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I wish I knew what was going on with me lately. I've had this whole sense of ennui that I just can't shake for about a week now. Nothing is interesting me, I can't put a word down, and I have zero interest in picking up my guitar or doing any beading. It was better yesterday because we had to go pick up Alex - who is doing better, thank God, and outside of Friday, had a marvelous time at camp - so I could sit in the car and talk with Craig. We also stopped at a huge mall in Sacramento to stretch our legs for an hour and have lunch, which was nice because it was DIFFERENT.

But here it is again, eight in the evening, and I'm wandering the house in search of something that won't bore me to tears. I don't want to sit and watch or read anything. I don't want to venture outside because it's still almost 100F out there at 8:15pm. And Alex and Craig have been glued to their computers for the past twenty-four hours for the most part, playing Minecraft and World of Tanks. Neither of which I play.

Bored, bored, boredy mcbored.
Tags: alex, life

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