Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Catching up

So my house is officially childless for the next week. We dropped off Alex yesterday, and go back to get him this weekend. It won't be a party week, but hopefully it'll be productive. At least, if I don't get called in for jury duty on Thursday.

My antibiotics are working, thank goodness. I still have occasional twinges in my sore throat, but it's miles better, which was good for the holiday weekend. It was a good break, but with good and bad news. Our neighbor who has been ill passed away last week, and we found out on Saturday morning that our neighbor to our left - who is friendly and amazing about bringing everyone together - is putting their house on the market this morning and moving back down to Orange County. That makes me sad. We're all going to miss them. This is the woman who gave away books at Halloween with the candy. They're pretty great and it's going to be a real loss.

We had a bit of drama Saturday night. Our town does fireworks on the Saturday nearest the 4th, and it's three blocks away at the high school, so all we do is get out the chairs and sit in the neighbor's driveway (we have a street lamp in front of our house that effectively blinds us when we try to watch from ours). There's a park across the street, so needless to say, it starts getting pretty packed and crazy around 6pm. After the fireworks, helicopters circled the area to make sure everything was okay. Around 11, police pounded on our door. I was upstairs, ready for bed, while Craig and Alex were in the front office playing video games. Craig answered, and the cop demanded he tell our kids in the back yard to stop aiming laser lights at the helicopter. Craig pulled Alex out of the office (which is right by the front door), said this is the only kid here and he's been in there with me for the past hour, then offered to let them look around. They declined and left. Craig was pissed at how belligerent they were, but what's to be done about it? We're sure it was the teenaged boys next door who were probably doing it. That's why they confused which yard it was coming from. Still. Annoying.

And now I'm off to try and be productive today. It's Monday. I should get lots done, right?
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