Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Going to the doctor

Since it's the holiday weekend and I'm still not feeling better, I called my doctor this morning about setting up an appointment to get seen. I figured better to do it now before their office is closed for a 4-day weekend, right? Turns out, because I'm a new patient, I can't go in yet. And the earliest I could get for the new patient appointment was July 30. I made it, and then called Urgent Care at their suggestion. My appointment was this afternoon.

Turns out I have strep. Yay.

The doctor was really nice, though he told me to my face I didn't look sick. He thought my throat didn't look like strep either, that it was seasonal and I just wasn't taking care of myself. When he came back in with the strep results, he said, "Well, it turns out I was wrong." I was still scolded about taking care of myself, but I'll start an antibiotic tonight and hopefully be feeling better soon.

At least this explains a lot from the past two weeks.

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