Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Life in listy form

I'm tired so I'm being listy:

1. Alicia is now gone for three weeks. I hope she haves fun.
2. I'm debating calling the doctor tomorrow. I still have my sore throat from my cold - it's been over a week - but the past couple days, I've had some bloody phlegm to go with it. it's not consistent, but when it comes up, it's quite dark and there's a lot of it. I'm not coughing, so I don't know what could be causing it. I can't see spots on my throat, but it still feels like I'm swallowing glass, my left gland has hurt enough for my neck to ache, and I can't even yawn without it hurting.
3. I'm going to stick with Dominion for a little bit. I'm intrigued, but I'll admit, ASH's American accent drives me a little crazy.
4. writing has lagged the past two days because of family and Alicia stuff. I don't think I'll end up writing today, either, because I'm just worn out for some reason.

And now, I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch some Chris Pine.
Tags: life
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