Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The Fault in Our Stars

Alicia leaves tomorrow for her three-week course in Santa Cruz, so today, she and I went to see The Fault in Our Stars.

I promised her I would read the book before we went, which I did this week. I was unspoiled for it, but I suspected in the first chapter what would happen, so when I was proved right, I was prepared for it. Alicia expected me to bawl my eyes out over it, but that just didn't happen as I was reading. It did, however, happen on the last page when Hazel discovers and reads Gus's eulogy. It wasn't the gut-wrenching experience she kept telling me was going to happen, but it was still a good book.

I didn't expect any of that to happen for the movie, no matter what Alicia said. And it didn't. Not that the movie wasn't good, but in all honesty, I just don't think Ansel Elgort is that good of an actor. I didn't particularly care for him in Divergent, either, and when his character is so pivotal, it meant I was emotionally disconnected from most of the movie. I don't even think he's so cute, either, so I can't even be superficial in appreciating him. Shailene Woodley was pretty good, and I was all right that they Hollywood-ized the ending. Alicia didn't even notice that, lol.

The scenes that *did* get to me? Laura Dern's. She played the mom, so it makes perfect sense that her anguish over her daughter's illness, when I have my own daughter sitting next to me, would resonate the strongest.

So I would still recommend the movie. It's pretty well done. My problems with Ansel are just my bugaboos, and not one person I've talked to about him or this movie has the same issue. The book is still better, though.
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