Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

More physical stuff

The summer cold has yet to win but it's not giving up yet, either. Still have the sore throat, and lo and behold, last night when I was flossing, one of my fillings chipped in my teeth. Never had that happen before, which means there's a dentist appointment in my near future. Thankfully, it didn't expose anything painful. It's just an annoying new ridge in my mouth.

One positive thing to note: I'm on a week now without a lot of pain in my hip. It *has* to be about the new food regime. Nothing else has changed. It's incredibly encouraging, especially since the scale is going down, too, not enough to be the source of the relief but steady. A minus, however, is that my foot has been bothering me since Sunday so I've been in the boot for two days. I have a feeling that's likely to be a regular thing. It absolutely has to be connected to my surgery from 18 months ago, because the source of the pain is the second toe where the pin is. Once I've got more weight off and I get past jury duty, I'll make an appointment to get it checked out. I'll tolerate it until then.

Being more mobile because my hip doesn't hurt as much has the added bonus of being hugely productive the last few days. My writing is up, my house looks great, and I've still managed to spend time with the kids. *This* is the life I want.
Tags: life

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