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Alicia and her scholarship

A day in the sun watching Alicia's softball team. Alicia did great, but the team has problems starting and finishing the day. They won one and lost two. We're waiting to hear about how they're ranked to determine who/time to play tomorrow. Another long day.

I managed to get edits done on a story in between games, which is good. I have to tackle the story that I was given the leeway on in full force now. It's going well, but it's a matter of time. We're going to Six Flags on Tuesday, so that's another lost day.

Alicia had her 8th grade celebration after school yesterday. It's a mock-graduation where all the kids walk in, then we listened to a few speeches and they handed out three scholarships. Alicia was up for one of them. It's an academic/leadership scholarship done in the name of a previous principal who became superintendent. You have to have all As to apply, then they wrote an essay about their goals, what they've done, and how middle school helped to make it possible, and get a letter of recommendation from a teacher. Two kids are chosen. Alicia's was the second name called! It was a little funny because the applause and cheering was so loud for the first girl who got it - she's the class president next year - that when Alicia's name was called, none of the kids heard it. We did in the audience, though, and I couldn't figure out why Alicia wasn't going to the podium. They had to announce it again, at which point she went up a little red-faced that she'd missed it the first time.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly proud of her. She took the scholarship check to the bank and got her very first account with her own ATM card. Before now, we've just had a subsidiary savings account in ours for her. Our bank does what they call a teen account. When she turns 18, it turns into a checking account.

All was not 100% great about her win, though. While we're happy and proud for her, her BFF had also applied. She wanted it *badly*. When she didn't win, she was devastated, breaking down in the car on the way home, forcing her parents to cancel their plans because she was so fragile. She's glad for Alicia, and was great to Alicia's face, but it's still hard for her. She thinks Alicia wins everything, which is ironic because one of the reasons Alicia wanted it so badly was because her BFF got all the music/band awards. But that's the way it is with these girls. They're both competitive, very bright, and have overlapping interests. There will be wins and losses, and they have to learn how to accept that.
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