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Fic update and my daily trauma

Sigh. I'm *so* exhausted at the moment. I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to bed. Me is tired.

Numero uno: Chapter 5 of Legions is now up. Just one chapter this week. Too much clearing of the garage, removal company interviews, and family responsibilities to get more than that done.

Numero dos:

Tonight was Craig's aunt's 60th birthday party. Not a huge get-together, just under 30 people (adults and kids), having a lovely meal at a pub near where they live. Since it's the last time we'll probably see a lot of them before moving, we made slightly more effort in making sure we went, stayed a little longer (though we were still the first to leave, but that's because we live over an hour away from where the pub was), and socializing. Overall, it was a completely enjoyable night, even if it did take up all of my time after 1pm today.

Completely enjoyable...except for one small trauma for me. I wore dress slacks as I wasn't sure what the environment was going to be like. These have a hidden side zipper and button. Well, I was fairly busy throughout the night, between watching the kids and talking and such, and it wasn't until we were about to go that I realized I hadn't gone to the bathroom since prior to leaving Colchester (so from 3pm until after 8pm), and had downed about a half dozen diet cokes with lemon. So I *really* had to go. Get in the bathroom...and the damn zipper got stuck on the fabric and refused to go down. The stall was teeny tiny and I'm dancing around, trying to get my zipper undone because I'm about to wet my pants, and I ended up jamming my elbow into the toilet paper dispenser---which was friggin' huge by the way, why do people make stalls so small that you have to practically sit sideways on the toilet in order to navigate past the dispenser?---before I finally managed to get the stupid zip down enough to be able to push my pants down. Felt like a fool, of course, and had the oddest flashbacks to a Halloween party back in the US where I went dressed as a go-go dancer, got drunk off my ass, and somehow managed to lock myself in the bathroom, spending the next hour kneeling at the door and yelling out the keyhole trying to get someone to come get me out. I think that was the same party I went crawling underneath the pool table and flashed half the guys because my dress was so short...

I've got a ton of e-mail/comments to answer, so if you've written and I haven't responded, my apologies but it's going to get done in the morning. My bed is calling me...

And for some strange reason, I think it's calling me Sheila...

I have definitely been watching too much Finding Nemo...

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