Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Are you sure it's Tuesday?

Alex accidentally kicked my toes last night, so no way am I going to yoga today. I'm back in a boot at least for a couple days, though I'll get into the pool tonight so at least I can get some movement in.

I'm going to call my aunt today to see about the possibility of us going to Michigan a few days in July to see everyone. We have small windows of opportunity, and I'm not convinced we'll be able to work it with school registrations, but I'm going to try. Last day of school is this Friday, and then Alex goes back on July 28, Alicia on July 29. Alicia's gone for four of the seven weeks they have off (3 for her astronomy course at UC Santa Cruz, 1 for camping), so we need to fit it in wherever we can.

Weight is back on track, finally. I'm back to where I was before NOLA. Now if I could just get the exercise back so my hip and foot will stop hurting.

Today, I start working on the third of the stories that were due 6/1. Everybody in this collection has been given an extra month, thank God. It's not just me who's lagging. I spent Sunday and yesterday going through the tutorial on Scrivener and getting things set up, so I think I'm ready. There won't be any break after this, though. I way overbooked myself this year, so finding time to do something I *want* - like fanfic - isn't going to happen any time soon. That's frustrating. Very frustrating. There's two novellas due 9/1 - on 60s themed, the other a hospital theme - another novella due 12/1 about knights, and a novel due 12/1. The beginning of '15 is pretty hectic, too, but I've stopped over-committing for the moment. I have two due 3/1 and one more 6/1, but after that...whew.

And life goes on...
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