Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Life is random

I have a ton of stuff to do so listy random thoughts:

1. Two nights in a row dreaming about Bradley James. I either have to watch Merlin very soon or write some serious fic, which means it's probably the former since I don't have time to write fic right now. :(
2. On the flip side to that, nice dreams about Bradley James. Really can't complain.
3. Like the new LJ interface, but autocorrect is driving me crazy. I need to figure a way to turn it off because it doesn't like a lot of words I use, like "fic."
4. Didn't watch The Voice, but googled to see who won and underwhelmed.
5. Alicia's last chorus concert was last night. There were tears. From both of us.
6. Finally got to watch Sunday's Mad Men. My fantasy work family is coming back together! Plus, Bob just made me sad.
7. I love my bed. Have slept fabulously since getting home from NOLA.
8. I am even more in love with my new Mac. I'll be getting Scrivener at some point this week when I get a chance to breathe.
Tags: life

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