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Home from NOLA

I am home from New Orleans finally. I got home yesterday afternoon and pretty much crashed after a very long day. Well, once I did the school run since I got him in time to do that so Craig didn't have to. It was a good time, but I'm glad to be back.

Notes from the week:
1. Getting so much done. I actually work quite a bit at RT, but even more so this year. There are always a ton of parties at night which I never go to. I'm just not a party person, especially the kind where you get dressed up in costumes, drink too much, and make everything about sex. The con is 95% women, too, and it's just...not my thing. Instead, I've always parked myself in one of the hotel bars at a quiet table and talked to people. Much more entertaining. That didn't happen this year because the bar was right in the middle of the lobby and the acoustics were TERRIBLE. As soon as a handful of people were in the bar, the noise levels went up to unbearable proportions. You could sit in the adjacent restaurant and have three walls between you and the bar, and you STILL couldn't hear the person sitting at your table. So I ended up retreating to my room to work in the evenings.
2. New Orleans food tastes great, but my body can't handle all the fried food and grease. I had some amazing food, but pretty much spent the week in and out of the bathroom in varying states of agony. I had to start detoxing on Saturday night because of being on planes so much on Monday, and let me tell you, I am getting back to eating clean this week.
3. I learned quite a bit from some surprising sources. I always do as many panels as I can, and this year was no exception. It also meant meeting some new people that were just wonderful, including author Ryan Winfield.
4. I loved getting to meet up with old friends. For instance, I saw denny_dc for the first time in a decade and got to catch up. And somehow, she took a picture of me at the book signing that I think might be one of my favorites of me ever, lol. I might have to ask if I can use it if I ever need an author photo.

I'm home to a busy week, though. Tonight is guitar lessons and a chorus concert, Alicia has practice Wednesday tomorrow night, Friday night is their final band concert, and there's a softball tournament this weekend. In the midst of all that, I have two stories to edit and two more to finish/write before June 1.

Par for the course, right, lol?
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