Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Pampering myself

My friend L's 40th birthday is this week, and with my leaving for the convention next week, I'd already decided I would be getting some extra-special treatment. Yesterday, it was spa mani-pedis. I love the paraffin soaks and hot rocks to death, and as stressed as I've been, getting pampered was more than welcome. My toenails are a pretty blue, and my fingernails don't look destroyed for a change. I already told L we're going back for my birthday in a couple months, if I don't break down and get one in June, lol.

I've still to schedule a facial for before I leave, but that'll happen as soon as it opens today. I'm debating on getting one of the body wraps or if I want to brave another massage (my one and only experience was absolutely horrific, so painful without any positive effect after the pain eventually went away three days later that I vowed never to do it again).
Tags: life

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