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Bauer is back

Very few shows can make Craig drop everything on the spot and come out to watch with me, especially as it's airing. 24 was always one of those. So we've been looking forward to its return ever since they started advertising it. It was one of those shows we mainlined at the start. We missed the first season when it aired, then got it on DVD the year after from his parents for Christmas so started watching it. We couldn't stop and watched the whole thing in two days. Second and third seasons, we decided to do the same because we knew the cliffhangers would kill us. Then we moved back to the US, got Tivo, and started saving eps to watch them all at the end of the season instead of buying the DVDs. It wasn't until the last few seasons we decided to try the week by week thing, and we were right. It was torture.

So Craig decided we'd start watching it at 9, so we'd have an hour already recorded. Then when we finished it, we could switch over to Blacklist (the other show he watches when it airs) and have all of them watched before going to bed.

24 was totally worth the wait.

I am an unabashed Jack Bauer fan. I know the show is ridiculous and over the top, but I love Jack to pieces. One of my favorite tweets about the show last night was along the lines of, "Only Jack Bauer cannot say a word for the first half hour of a show and still be the center of attention." I hadn't realized just how much I'd missed it until the first tones of the countdown started and my pulse jumped. Plus, the London office looked exactly like CTU, and man, it was like coming home.

I think the best part about the show, though, is that you don't need all the backstory to have fun with it. It starts off with action and only goes up from there. Sure, the exchanges and reveals often mean more if you're familiar with all the characters, but it's not necessary. The show doesn't give you a chance to breathe. And just when you think you've got it figured out, it twists off in a new direction.

I know it has its detractors. It's seen as pro-torture. Which it is, in all fairness, but it's sooooooo over the top that I have never taken it seriously. It's popcorn action, really good popcorn action, and I don't have a problem separating that from any semblance of reality. People keep looking for meaning or emotional depth, but again, it's POPCORN ACTION. You don't go looking for too much emotional depth in most action movies when you go to the movies, so I don't see how we're expected to do the same for 24 just because a) Kiefer's a better actor, and b) he's so damn serious all the time.

We had so much fun with the premiere last night. It was great to see Chloe as a Snowden-type character though Heller's Alzheimer's will be hard to watch. I was never a huge Audrey fan, but considering her husband is trying to mess with Jack, I'm interested in where that's going to go.

And Jack. Poor messed-up, lonely Jack. It's so good to have him back on my TV.

Did you watch?
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