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Food and shopping

The past few days have been about trying to break out of this funk I've been in, which means not being really being on the computer very much. On the one hand, when I was busy, it was great. On the other, when I wasn't occupied, it only drove home how few people I really have to talk to.

Alicia's BFF's birthday is today and in her family, that means pretty much a week of celebrations. Things kicked off on Friday with Alicia taking a ton of stuff into school for her - a balloon bouquet, a banner, a crown, leis. Instead of a party with a ton of friends, BFF asked to go to the outlets nearby with Alicia, so her mom, me, and the girls all went there yesterday and spent most of the day. Tons of fun. Tons of shopping. Way too much bad food. There was a fabulous Greek food vendor there yesterday who hits all the local farm markets when they start up, and we went a little nuts. I brought home dolmas, tzatziki, lemon/herb fried pita chips, and three different kinds of hummus. We also picked up cinnabon to bring home, and then on the drive back, BFF's mom decided she wanted chili fries from her favorite local place, so I decided to pick up a family pack of chili dogs to bring home as well.

It sounds like all we did was eat, lol, but there was a ton of shopping done, too, even if we only got around to half the outlets. BFF found her dress for the 8th grade dance coming up, Alicia found a few skirts that look adorable on her as well as new Converse, and I picked up some tops and a pair of adorable white sandals from Clarks (probably my favorite shoe company ever).

Birthday celebrations continue today as there is a huge brunch party at a nearby Cheesecake Factory that we'll be leaving for in a little over an hour. When we get home, my goal is to actually do some writing which I haven't done since Thursday. Fingers crossed it actually happens.
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