Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The cheesecake comparison

The kids' cheesecakes were interesting first time experiments with them, with no clear-cut favorite. Alicia's was sweeter and thicker, with a thinner crust, and used a blast of high heat followed by very low for a longer period method of cooking. Alex's was thinner, with a thicker crust, and did the somewhat low heat in the oven for cooking. It's impossible to make it a pure comparison, because Alex discovered that he did the same thing with the recipe as he often does in his homework - he didn't read it all the way through. The final result was without the lime juice and one of the eggs, which meant it didn't set completely in the middle the way it was supposed to. Oops.

But we were all split on what we liked. Craig loved the thick crust, I prefer thinner. He preferred the texture of Alicia's, I liked Alex's smoother texture. The kids liked things about the others', too, so we declared it a draw.

And I am not eating any more cheesecake this week, lol. I am cheesecake-d out.

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