Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

At the movies

Since I got our DVR cleared of everything, I've been going through the TV guide finding movies to record, specifically Oscar nominees that aren't currently available for streaming through any of our usual free outlets (Netflix, Amazon, OnDemand, etc). It all goes back to tackling The List. That's what it's called and has been since college when the first version got typed out and bound. Now it's a lovely spreadsheet I can highlight and mark when I've seen something. It's pretty massive to say the least. I don't tackle documentaries and the short works categories, but there's still a ton of movies to see.

Because I didn't keep up with the list for so long, I'm having to rewatch a few I either don't remember or am pretty sure I didn't appreciate the first time around (or want to give a second shake to). Some, I've appreciated more (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, An Unmarried Woman), while others are as bad as I remember (Love Story is still a treacly mess, and I will never understand the appeal of Days of Heaven or Terence Malick).

I've discovered some great films, too. I never got to see There Will Be Blood or 21 Grams when they first came out (those belong in the wasteland of the 2000s where I was consigned to kids movies and Disney, thank god the kids are older now, lol), and both of them blew me away. It's fairly unnecessary to say Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the best actors of the last thirty years, but Benicio del Toro is also one of those that I just can't stop watching whenever he's onscreen. Love, love, love him.

This morning, it's Doctor Zhivago. I'm pretty sure I saw it in college, but remember absolutely nothing about it except the score.
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