Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Stupid Mondays

Alicia got up so she could see the lunar eclipse last night. It was a little hazy, but still very pretty. Not quite what she expected, but considering her interest in astrophysics, well worth it.

It might've been one of the few good things that happened. Stupid cramps screwed up going to yoga, then writing frustrations, then just a ton of stuff going wrong. Sunday's Once Upon a Time pissed me off, too. I self-medicated with Chinese takeaway and Haagen Dazs. That means I regret it today, but it was very necessary last night. I watched Frozen, sang along to every song, then topped off with The Voice where the coaches seem to picking all the right people this season. It's so much better than American Idol this year, it's not even funny.
Tags: life, television

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