Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Frozen theories

Though she hasn't started looking for it yet, Alicia is starting to understand the appeal of fanfic. She keeps finding theories that have come out about stuff in Frozen (a movie she's mad about), and sharing them with me all excitedly.

Her latest is messing with my own head. It's the one where Hans isn't actually bad. Where the trolls have acted on their whole "fixer-upper" idea about Anna and decided to remove the fiance as an obstacle for her and Kristoff, so they cause the 180 in his personality and make him do all the bad stuff in the end. That poor Hans is locked inside his own hand screaming to be let out because none of this is really him.

Which makes me so incredibly sad for Hans. Because I'm one of those who kind of liked the idiot in the beginning of the movie.

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