Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Figuring out promo

One of the reasons I'm going a little nuts right now is because I recently found out I got bumped from the waiting list for the ebook signing at RT (that's the big romance convention). Because I hadn't made the signings when I registered (for some inexplicable reason, everything filled up FAST this year), I had decided to only do the bare minimum when it came to promo - a few pens, flash drives, and business cards. The convention is in New Orleans, I never trust shipping stuff to hotels, and taking more on a plane would be heavy/expensive.

Now I don't have a choice.

The convention is mid-May. So needless to say, I'm scrambling to get stuff done. Pepper always handled the print promo for our collaborative stuff and I haven't done a con on my own in over a year. Plus, ebook signings have changed in that time. Now, authors put QR codes on everything which I know nothing about. I lucked into finding someone over the weekend who does all that, so I've got the print part figured out, thank god. That left the swag part of it. Anything I got with my name on it would be insanely expensive at this point, so I decided that since I have plenty of business cards already, I won't go that route.

Instead, I'm making jewelry, simple bracelets, necklaces, and maybe earrings if I'm feeling fussy. I have a huge bead and findings stash, so not too much more cost for me. Yesterday at Michaels, I bought 150 organza bags for wedding favors, some cream, some purple to match my color scheme, along with charms. I'm going to attach my card to the charm and pull-tie. I'll still taking the other promo I already have and putting those out for the general public, and saving most of the jewelry for the signing.

It's a relief to have it all figured out, to be honest. The actual beading will probably end up being relaxing, lol.

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