Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Soooooo tired

I. Am. Exhausted.

I didn't sleep great last night, so didn't wake up very rested. However, I had to be out early to drop off the car to get the tires replaced. I got home about an hour before I had to be out the door for yoga, but without the car, that meant I had to walk to the gym. So did that, only to find out the temperature was off in the studio, so fifteen minutes into the class, I was already dripping in sweat because it was so warm and completely soaked by the time she let us out. Class ran ten minutes long, too, so by the time I walked home again, I had been out moving for two hours. Which is great for exercise, but not so much when I was already tired and had only had a small black coffee so far.

However, I had just enough time to shower and change before my friend picked me up to go pick my car up. I had a ton of errands that had been put off because of the car issues, which meant Safeway first because that would be the longest one. Then home for a brief respite before the kids got home, but half an hour after that happened, Alicia and I were out again for guitar lessons. I dropped her off so I could go do two more errands, but when she called me when mine was supposed to start, I had only just left the second store. She volunteered to take the whole hour, which meant I had time to run to Michaels for an errand I was going to do tomorrow instead.

Then home so I could get the chicken cut up and put in the oven, and now I get to sit on the couch, watch last night's The Voice, and try not to fall asleep. I can't. Alicia is getting picked up for softball practice in ten minutes and I have to go pick her up in two hours.

Plus, it was almost ninety out today. My car was an oven every time I had to get into it. And walking in it wasn't the most fun.

Have to write. Have to make my promo for RT. Don't want to do any of it right now.

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